Our Vision and Mission

Our primary mission is to provide financial advice on all major aspects of leasing, financial investments and other corporate lending activities within Kerala while aiming for a pan Indian coverage.To help stakeholders create, protect and enhance their wealth using our experience, knowledge, expertise and cutting edge technology in a transparent and ethical manner. To become the most preferred financial institution with a nationwide presence by providing customized & speedy financial solutions to rural and emerging India with a system based on the trust & confidence of our Customers while striving to ensure Customer delight. Explore other potential markets while extending our services towards all banking and financial needs. Our long term mission is to put in maximum effort while continuously refining process quality and strengthening our services while widening our scope in all areas of Finance.


Our company is administered by a seasoned corporate body stewarded by Prof. C K Renjan as CMD who holds an excellent track record in all the spheres he has handled. The sincerity of Prof. C. K. Renjan and his team is the best  testimonial to the quality of SCL.

We practice what we preach and are committed to meet our customer’s  financial requirements. We extend our help not just for individuals but also for the development of small and medium sized industries.

We successfully started our operations with five  branches in Kerala  and now we are having 15 branches in four districts, which cater thousands of customers on a daily basis.